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Welcome to Buraka!

Many of our guests have asked what “Buraka” means and about the culture of our dishes. Our name is that of the owner’s great grandfather. A tradition in Ethiopia that honors family names, which are carried down to the next generation. “Buraka” means joy and contentment in the Oromo language.

Our dishes are East African and several Ethiopian, as the country of origin of Buraka’s owners. Ethiopian cuisine is best known for its rich exotic mix of spices, such as berbere, garlic, cardamom, ginger, cumin, coriander, curry powder and many more that give our dishes flavor and aroma of rich home-style recipes. Ethiopian cuisine is also known for a unique traditional  flat sourdough bread called “injera” and is made from a grain called teff, native to Ethiopia.

Last but certainly not least is Buraka’s coffee. Rich and authentic selections of Ethiopian coffees are brewed here daily. An interesting fact is that Ethiopia is the very first land to grow coffee in all of history and produces some the finest coffees worldwide.

We thank you for choosing to dine with us at Buraka. We always strive to make your visit here most enjoyable.

Markos & Staff

Buraka - Ethiopian Restaurant - new location

About Buraka’s Location and History:

Buraka originated in Madison in 1992 as a popular food cart at the UW’s library mall and later into a full-service restaurant located off the Capitol Square. In April of 2000, Buraka moved to the below street level location at 543 State Street. Due to sale of the entire block to a developer Buraka closed in December of 2013.  After much searching the new location at 1210 Williamson Street was found and after extensive renovation the new location was opened in March of 2016.

Buraka State Street Location - closed Dec 2013Buraka's Cart on UW Library Mal

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