BBC-Remarkably drought-resistant frankincense could restore African lost woodlands

By Melissa Hogenboom 3 January 2017 In dry areas in the Horn of Africa, there are frankincense trees that thrive in the extreme aridity. These trees are harvested for the frankincense resin that they produce. It is used to make perfumes and incense, and can only be obtained from the wild trees. For many years, frankincense trees have faced challenges that could threaten their very survival. Now a new analysis provides hope that this downward spiral could be prevented. To…

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Trekking Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains

Ethiopia is a land of legends and mystery – the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant to name but two. The landscape is also mesmerising. In the far north are the Simien Mountains – a mystical world of primeval forests, misty peaks, bizarre plants and exotic creatures. Trekking these stunning highlands is like stepping into an otherworldly paradise. Travel Tips – Olivia Poznan – Lonely Planet Writer, Sept. 22, 2016 Dramatic landscapes Violent volcanic eruptions 40 million years…

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