Ethiopian Culture

Trekking Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains

Ethiopia is a land of legends and mystery – the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant to name but two. The landscape is also mesmerising. In the far north are the Simien Mountains – a mystical world of primeval forests, misty peaks, bizarre plants and exotic creatures. Trekking these stunning highlands is like stepping into an otherworldly paradise. Travel Tips – Olivia Poznan – Lonely Planet Writer, Sept. 22, 2016 Dramatic landscapes Violent volcanic eruptions 40 million years…

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Almaz Ayana, a 24-year-old distance runner from Ethiopia

Ethiopian runner stuns with 10,000-meter world record

Ethiopian runner Almaz Ayana stuns crowd with 10,000-meter world record By Mina Kimes | Aug 12, 2016 A few minutes before the start of Friday morning’s 10,000-meter race, Almaz Ayana, a 24-year-old distance runner from Ethiopia, kneeled on the track and quickly made a cross over her chest. When the prerecorded sound of a gunshot rang through Rio’s Olympic Stadium, the mass of 37 runners took off and swiftly separated into two groups; Ayana and the defending champion from…

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Dibabas family - fastest on the planet

Ethiopia: Meet the Dibabas, The Fastest Family on the Planet

Ethiopia is a running-mad country—but it’s never seen anything like the Dibabas. Chloe Malle heads to Addis Ababa to meet the fastest family on the planet. The only sound at the top of the Entoto Mountains is the thwack of a cowherd’s staff against the tree trunks as he leads his small herd of oxen home. I am doing my best to keep pace with Tirunesh Dibaba, 30, and her younger sister, Genzebe, 25, two wisplike Ethiopians with wide smiles…

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Bonga: Brewing up in Ethiopia’s epicenter of coffee

Birthplace of coffee Bonga in Ethopia is claimed as the birthplace of Aribica coffee. Despite the drink’s success. the region largely remains a backwater, although Ethiopia’s tourism chiefs are now hoping to bring in more visitors. (CNN) Bonga is a name rarely encountered when visiting Ethiopia, if at all. But it deserves to be better known: it’s said to be the very birthplace of Arabica coffee. Despite its caffeinated claim, the multi-billion dollar global industry that has grown up around…

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A young man in drought conditions in Ethiopia

US Announces $97 Million for Ethiopia Drought Relief

Voice of America: January 2016 The United States aid agency has announced $97 million in emergency assistance for Ethiopia to help address the “ongoing humanitarian crisis resulting from the impacts of the El Niño phenomenon.” A drought that started in the spring of 2015 is forecasted to ease in early 2016. Rainfall in February and March 2016 was more plentiful but not uniformly distributed. CNN – 3.3.16 – U.S. dispatches emergency aid for Ethiopian drought US Embassy – 3.18.16 – Response…

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